Make A Pledge To Do What You Can To Prevent Car Accidents

car accident preventionHow many car accidents have you been in throughout your life so far? I’m 36, and I would have to say I can’t remember all of them off the top of my head. That sounds bad, and a guaranteed number of six doesn’t sound so great either. One or two of those might have been just slight fender benders, but there have been some serious accidents.

I will say though that no one has ever been seriously injured in an accident I have been involved in. The closest would have been the first one when I hydroplaned into the back of a van on Halloween night at 16 years old while it was raining.

Car accidents are a part of life with vehicles on the road and uncertain weather conditions among other factors. Still, they can often be prevented as well. Have you taken a defensive driving course? Experts recommend that as a good idea, and it’s also good in general to be a courteous driver. People are much less courteous these days on the road because they are always out of time. You might have to be the better person and take a chill pill and just let people go on their way.

As a matter of fact, that has to happen because the flip side of that is road rage on both ends. That’s no good at all. Drivers must also always be aware on the road, and that can help prevent car accidents as well. I’ve had one instance where I wasn’t aware of a traffic law I broke and didn’t even see the other vehicle slam into me. That accident could have been even worse than it was. Instead of continuing on in this vein and looking at car accident statistics and the likes, let’s move forward and make a pledge to do what we can to prevent them out the road.

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